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GPC Official Emergency AnnouncementGPC Official Emergency Announcement
Genuine Parts Company (GPC) continues to stand committed to accounting for every employee and their immediate family and providing necessary assistance as quickly as possible after any significant incident. In addition to existing local reporting procedures and policies, GPC has developed a supplemental emergency incident toll-free number for each Subsidiary (APG, Motion, SPR, etc) and this employee check-in website. Through these procedures and systems, GPC employees are able to check-in, provide current contact information and report their availability to work. All affected GPC personnel are requested to check-in within 72 hours of an incident.

If you are directed or forced to evacuate your residence of record and relocate to an alternate site, please report your status and updated contact information as soon as possible.


You should use this system if -

You are a GPC Employee (including subsidiaries) who works, lives or is currently located in an area that is impacted by a significant incident.  You should either use this web site's check-in feature or call the toll-free number provided at this site to check-in.


You should not use this system to -
  • Report a work absence (Call your HR Manager instead)
  • Report a personal emergency (Call 911)
  • Employee Assistance, such as benefits information (Call the ESC 800-393-1998)
  • Employee relations issues, such as theft (Call The Network 800-620-8589)
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